Saturday, May 5, 2012

Web Hosting

Fifteen years ago I worked for an employer that allowed me to have a server in their data center and use one of their IP addresses for my personal web pages. I got uninterruptible power, air conditioning, and my own IP address. I had uptime of nearly 100%.

I retired to become a college teacher, which is altogether more personally satisfying, but I lost my "free" data center. Paid-for co-location was out of my price range, especially as a teacher in a state university, and more horsepower than I needed anyway. I tried a couple of shared hosting services, and found a good one, but they sold the business and both reliability and support went down the tubes. I was griping gently to a friend about that and he told me about Rose Hosting. Thinking that it couldn't be worse than what I had, I set up a virtual private server account with them. That was nearly ten years ago. A decade later, the price is the same, and they increased the amount of included disk space for me last year.

It isn't all light and happiness. There's been downtime of up to a couple of hours (but usually much less) several times over the past decade. There was one incident where my server had to be restored from backup, which lost two days of data, in spite of the server having RAID disks. That wasn't a problem for me because I develop on my PC and upload changes, so I just uploaded the changes again. It might have been a problem for others. Considering that I'm paying $20.00 per month, I think what I'm getting is a fantastic value.

Rose Hosting celebrated their eleventh anniversary recently. That means I've been with them almost the whole time they've been in business. I'm likely to stick with them for as long as I need a web server, which is probably another ten years. (I'm getting old, you see...)

They have hosting plans from $4.00 per month on up, so there's likely to be one to suit everybody. If you're looking for good hosting at value prices, please give them a try.

Nope, I didn't get paid, or get a discount, or anything, to write this. My friend Ben did me a favor when he pointed me to Rose Hosting a decade ago, and I'm trying to pass the favor on.

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